To all current Square Enix Account users:

On September 22, along with the official launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV’s service, the Square Enix Account Management System will be significantly updated, adding a variety of payment features and more.
Due to these upgrades, current Square Enix Account users will need to register their country of residence the first time they log in to the Square Enix Account Management System after August 31.

Registering your Country of Residence

After logging in to the Square Enix Account Management System, please register your country of residence according to the following steps.
1. The screen below will appear immediately after logging in. Please select your region.
2. On the next screen, please select your country of residence.
3. After confirming that your region and country of residence have been correctly entered, complete the registration process.
Please note that you cannot change your country or region after registration has completed. Failure to properly identify the correct region and country may cause you to be denied access to services.

Square Enix Account Regions

Square Enix Accounts are divided into three different regions: (1) Japan, (2) the Americas, and (3) Europe & Other Regions. The FINAL FANTASY XIV packaged software being released on September 22 and September 30 differs according to its region. Please make sure to purchase the software specifically developed for your registered country of residence or we cannot ensure that you will be able to use it.

Countries of Residence

Square Enix Account services are optimized according to the customer’s country of residence.
Depending on your country of residence, the currencies that can be used to settle service fees will differ.
In some countries, Square Enix Crysta can also be used as a payment method.
Square Enix Crysta will become available in more countries in the future. If you are not currently able to use Square Enix Crysta, we appreciate your patience. Please correctly enter your country of residence so that we can provide services appropriate to your country and region.

Accidentally Registering the Wrong Region

It is possible that you previously registered a different country for your Square Enix Account than your current country of residence. This may have occurred if you moved since your previous registration. The screen below will be displayed when selecting your country of residence if the country you have selected is different from the region already registered to your Square Enix Account.
You are now required to accurately register your current region. If this differs from your previous registration, you may be prevented from using any services or products that you had been using on your Square Enix Account up until now. However, if you fail to update this information now, you may be prevented from accessing future services. We apologize for any inconvenience.
After you have registered your country of residence, a list of the services usable in your registered region will be displayed. We thank you and look forward to your continued support.